Indoor Air Quality Services in Van Alstyne, Texas

Pollution is not good for you. That’s a no-brainer. So you take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, find a home that’s not in proximity to a health concern, and take whatever steps that are within your power to avoid contaminant exposure. But did you know that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is equally essential for maintaining good health? Take a look at some of the more common pollutant sources and the steps you can take to remedy or mediate the effects.

Indoor Air Quality is the measure of pollutants that are found within the home. These airborne contaminants can be responsible for various ailments and health issues, some that may appear immediately and others that may not present until years later.

Air Quality Offenders

Most of the airborne contaminates will no be a surprise. The shock may be in assuming that they are not problematic. Contaminants such as pet dander, dust and dirt, and smoked tobacco products are reasonably obvious. If you have a pet, you know you probably have a pet dander. If you live in a dusty climate or you’re not prone to frequent dusting, you know it. If there’s a smoker on the premises, you’re likely to be already aware.

The less noticeable pollutants are mold, mildew, pollen, or any number of invisible viruses, bacteria, or other germs of a biological nature. Some may even require a thorough evaluation by a professional in Indoor Air Quality service in Van Alstyne, Texas, to confirm if they are present and concerning. Expertise and specialized equipment can help identify these less apparent pollutants.

Effects of Poor Air Quality

Poor IAQ can result in a staggering list of health complications. Some health issues are frequently explored and misdiagnosed until treatment fails to provide the expected results. Too often, only then does the indoor environment of the home come into question. If anyone in the home suffers from a perpetual health issue or chronic complaints or poor health, it is worth considering that they may be the result of the interior air quality.

Some results of unhealthy air quality can be almost immediately felt. These types of irritations could cause itchy eyes, nose, or throat. There may be some complaints of sneezing or headache as well. These can occur after only one exposure or ongoing exposure. These reactions mimic allergies and may not be identified as indoor air quality because of similar side-effects. These minor irritations felt soon after exposure is likely to subside almost as quickly and suggest no long-term effects.

Respiratory disease, asthma, heart disease, and even some cancer diagnoses are attributed to indoor environmental conditions. Because these contaminants are often hidden out of sight of the resident, it may not be evident that there is an indoor air condition. These pollutants usually exist behind walls, appliances, the attic or crawlspace, or within the HVAC system. Over time and with prolonged exposure, the effects can be bothersome to fatal.

How To Improve An Air Quality Issue

The first and most obvious way to improve the air quality is by eliminating or creating a plan to diminish known contaminants’ effects. The family pet is not going anywhere, so consider what actions may help decrease the dander’s presence. For the smoker, is there any equipment or devices that can be used when the smoking cannot be taken to the outdoors?

System maintenance is another quick and easy, do-it-yourself action that can lead to better indoor air. This may be the act of changing out the air filter on the HVAC system or having the ductwork thoroughly cleaned out.

If you suspect that your home may need to have the indoor air refreshed, contact your local HVAC contractor in Van Alstyne, Texas, to explore the possibility. It is a good idea to eliminate this possibility right away and rule it out or begin to remedy the problem should there be one.

Invest in IAQ technology if you don’t already have it in place. Commonly used equipment can eliminate contaminants from the air and filter out microscopic pollution from the circulating air where the dirt was filtered historically. These typically are available as air filtration systems or systems that serve to purify the air.

At Air Experts, our mission is to serve the families of our community with a clean, comfortable, healthy heating and cooling system for the home. We are committed to providing a customized HVAC plan to fit every home with a high-functioning, top-quality indoor air quality environment. No one should experience the discomfort ill effects of merely being present in their own home. Our expertise, experience, equipment, and dedication are at your service.