AC Tune-Up Services in Van Alstyne, Texas

Homeownership can be a significant source of pride. To maintain a home, several tasks will need to be performed. Some like replacing the roof will need to be performed infrequently. Others will need to be performed more often. These tasks extend beyond care for the structure itself. Every appliance comes with its own unique set of preventative maintenance requirements. When it comes to maintaining a home’s AC unit, getting annual tune-ups is an important preventative action.

Do you need it?

AC systems are complex and expensive. On average, it costs between $3500 and $7900 to install an ac unit. Those costs vary depending on whether only the unit itself is replaced or if the ductwork needs to be replaced as well. A well-maintained AC unit can last 15-20 years. One of the simplest methods a homeowner has to maximize the life of their AC unit is to get an AC Tune-up annually.

The service cost varies depending on the type of system installed and the number and type of services performed. Most tune-ups will include the following services.

    • Cleaning the condenser coils.
    • Check coolant level. If the coolant level is low, then that can indicate a leak. Once the leak is identified coolant is added to get it to the normal operating level.
    • Lubricate moving parts to reduce wear and tear.
    • Calibration of the home’s thermostat.
    • Inspect electrical wiring to ensure the connections are tight so that the unit can be operated safely.
    • Check the blower motor and the blower belt.
    • Inspect the ductwork for leaks.



There are several benefits to scheduling AC Tune-Up services in Van Alstyne, Texas annually. One of the biggest benefits of this preventative maintenance service is that it can extend the life of a home’s AC system. The second is peace of mind. Issues with a home’s AC system are most likely to arise when it is in use. If the AC is running it is likely that not having it would make the temperature in one’s home uncomfortable, so the last thing a person wants is to have the AC go out in the middle of summer. Getting a tune-up in the spring will help to identify potential problems early so they can be fixed before the summer heat makes life without AC unbearable. Reduced energy cost is another benefit of regular AC maintenance. Properly maintaining a home’s HVAC system can reduce energy costs by up to 40%. Last, annual inspections can help catch issues before they become big, expensive problems.


What to look for?

It is recommended that homeowners have their AC unit checked annually. If one does not follow that guidance, there are several things to watch for that point to a need to hire an HVAC contractor in Van Alstyne, Texas.

    • Blowing Warm Air – If the air coming out of the vents when your AC is running is warm, then your filter may be clogged. If the air filter is replaced and the system is still pushing warm air, then there may be an issue with the coolant.
    • AC Running Loud – An AC unit that is running louder than usual could be an indication of several issues. Bent fan blades, malfunctioning motors, clogs caused by dirt and debris, and loose mounting screws can all cause an AC unit to run loud.
    • Weak Airflow – If your AC is running and the air pressure coming out of the vent is low, that could mean your air filter is clogged, or that there is an issue with your air ducts. If your air duct is damaged, the air will leak out through the ducts instead of being forced out of the air vents as it should.
    • Strange Smells – If strange smells are coming out of your air vents when the AC unit is running, the condenser coils are likely covered in dirt and grime. A build-up of dirt encourages bacteria growth, which will not only cause the air in your home to smell but will affect the quality of the air you are breathing.


Owning a home doesn’t have to be a chore. Homeowners that decide to invest in preventative maintenance services for their HVAC systems can save themselves time, money, and hassle.

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