AC Replacement Services in Van Alstyne, Texas

Is it time to invest in AC Replacement? This is an important factor to consider. Since replacing an air conditioner represents a significant investment, it is important to make sure it’s something that is really necessary.

The good news is, knowing if AC replacement services in Van Alstyne, Texas are needed is easier than it may seem. After all, most systems are not going to stop working suddenly. Instead, they will provide warning signs of a problem and give homeowners a few classic indications that they may be on their last legs. The key is to know what these signs are. Keep reading to learn when it is time to call a professional HVAC contractor in Van Alstyne, Texas, to consider system replacement here.

A Unit That Is More than 10 Years Old

Some homeowners don’t even know when their air conditioning system was installed. However, the average system is designed to last for 10 to 15 years. While modern machines are durable, at the 10-year mark, many system components will begin to deteriorate. While this depends on how often the system is used and if it is properly maintained, things will start to go downhill at this point. Also, if a system is older, it probably uses R-22 refrigerant. This is not only outdated but harmful to the environment. By having a new system installed, it is possible to reduce both energy costs and a home’s carbon footprint.

Repairs Cost More Than 50% of the Cost of a New Unit

Sometimes, an AC unit will be getting older, and a homeowner will find they have to continue paying for repairs to the system. Eventually, some of the major components have to be replaced. If this starts to happen, it is a good idea to calculate the actual cost of the parts. If the repairs that are needed are more than half of the cost of an all-new system, it is a good time to just bite the bullet and get a new air conditioner. Buying a new system is a smart investment and will help you save a lot of money down the road. It will also help to reduce overall energy costs.

Higher Than Normal Energy Costs

From time to time, it is normal for energy costs to go up or down based on the temperature outside. However, the bill should be close to the same price it was the year before. If energy costs have jumped significantly over the year, it is a sign there could be a problem with the system. It is a good idea to call the professionals for service, and if needed, a replacement. The older the system gets, the less efficient it is going to be. Eventually, replacing the unit will be the only option. There is some good news, though. When a new air conditioner is installed, it can reduce energy costs by up to 20% for some people. This means that, eventually, the new unit will pay for itself.

The House Is Always Too Hot or Too Cold

Older air conditioning systems are going to make it difficult to keep any house at a consistent temperature. This may be an issue with maintenance, such as clogged filters, cracked ducts, low levels of refrigerant, a damaged thermostat, or something else. However, this type of inconsistency in temperature is usually a sign the AC unit is not big enough for the house or that there is a problem with the ducts. In either case, when the unit is not working properly, efficiency is going to fall, which causes higher energy costs along with an uncomfortable environment.

More Dust in the Home Than Usual

Along with providing heated or cooled air in a home, the HVAC system also has to provide appropriate levels of ventilation. When the system is working properly, it will improve the home’s indoor air quality or IAQ. This is done by removing debris, dirt, dander, and dust, and working to control the humidity levels in the home. If someone notices there is more dust in the home than what is usual, it may be a sign that the system is no longer working efficiently and filtering it.

If a homeowner notices any of the issues mentioned here, now is a good time to call the professionals. They can inspect and evaluate the unit to determine if repairs or replacement is the better option. Being informed and knowing what to watch for will let any homeowner know when it is time to make an investment in a new system.